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Who do you think is the SOC Player of the Week?

*To nominate an athlete for our weekly SOC award, please contact us with your submission and their statistics at sosportsauthority.com.

Our SOC Player of the Week winner must receive three of five votes. The guys at SOSA all get one vote each (four total) and the public poll counts as one vote.

This poll will close at 11:59 p.m., Tuesday evening.

The SOC Player of the Week award is presented by The UPS Store, located at 1712 11th Street in Portsmouth, Ohio. For mailbox, shipping and printing services, call 740-353-7700 or email store5664@theupsstore.com.

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18 thoughts on “Who do you think is the SOC Player of the Week?

  1. Trenton is a excellent athletic who deserves player of the week for the last game he scored 31 points and helped win the game

  2. Trenton Zimmerman deserves this for the amazing game he played this last game !! He scored 31 points within the 3rd quarter and helped his team bring home the victory!

  3. Trenton is an amazing athlete on and off the court he is very deserving of this recognition. His last game of 31 points was astonishing, as a junior scoring almost half of your teams total points.

  4. Abby is an exceptional young lady. She is giving person and always puts her whole heart in whatever she does, on and off the court. A 1000 points as a junior, I think she definitely has the right to be your choice.

  5. Not only is Trenton a dedicated, reliable, & outstanding teammate, off the court, he’s an honor student who maintains a 3.7 GPA. Never misses a day of school unless he has to. He’s been on the Varsity team since his freshman year, and was on JV, freshman & sophomore year. He’s been playing basketball since he learned to walk. He plans to go to college for basketball & hopefully go further with his basketball career after college. Even if Trenton doesn’t win, it was still a great opportunity & gesture. Thank you for nominating Trenton for SOC player of the week.

  6. Although Abby did not get the largest vote count, her accomplishment of scoring her 1000th point while still a junior far away exceeds individual accomplishments of a single game. The other athletes should be commended, no doubt, but the honor should be awarded for the totality of Abby’s efforts!

  7. Abbey Cochenour is an outstanding athlete! She trains every day so she can stay on top of the game. 1,000 points by your Junior year is such an accomplishment! And a good student, “to boot”.

  8. Abby Cochenour should be recognized for her hard work and dedication. She has accomplished so much at her young age. Amazing scoring 1000 points in her junior year of high school. She excells at everything she does as well as puts her whole heart into it. Amazing you lady both on and off the field.

  9. Abby should be athlete of the week for the outstanding accomplishment of achieving 1000 points her junior year of high school. I have watched Abby play basketball since she was in third grade and she has always had a love and fire inside of her for the game of basketball. She takes younger players and even youth athletes under her wing in every sport she competes in. Although she did not have the winning vote she has the small community that encompasses the Eastern school district that is behind her!

  10. I want to take a few minutes and talk about Abby!! Not only as a ball player but as a person and student!! Abby not only scored her 1,000th point this week, BUT in the week play4 games with a total of 90 POINTS! 90 POINTS! That ya lot. She did the because she is one of most dedicated and driven young ladies out there!! She is a National Honor Society Member which shows her discipline in the classroom. Abby is always willing to help anyone who is need and she never fails to set the best of role models for as she says “the littles”. She loves the younger kids who also have her love for basketball, cross country and track.. I hope that you as members give Abby your vote for athlete of the week..
    Thank you so much

  11. Abby. Shes a wonderful girl. I haven’t known her long because we just moved into the area. She always says hi and has a smile on herface. I have heard All good thing about her from everyone.

  12. Abby deserves the athlete of the week for many reasons! Among those reasons are her skills to continue to score close to 20 point each game, and then score 36 points to put her over the top to get her 1000th point as a junior! Abby is a very talented athlete and overcomes every obstacle set in her way!!

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