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Who do you think is the SOC Player of the Week?

*To nominate an athlete for our weekly SOC award, please contact us with your submission and their statistics at sosportsauthority.com.

Our SOC Player of the Week winner must receive three of five votes. The guys at SOSA all get one vote each (four total) and the public poll counts as one vote.

This poll will close at 11:59 p.m., Wednesday evening.

The SOC Player of the Week award is presented by The UPS Store, located at 1712 11th Street in Portsmouth, Ohio. For mailbox, shipping and printing services, call 740-353-7700 or email store5664@theupsstore.com.

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3 thoughts on “Who do you think is the SOC Player of the Week?

    1. Not to mention she’s only a sophomore. Creeping up on 6 foot in height, doesn’t walk around with her chest out and a pimp limp. Knowing you can be great and keeping it humble and working her tail off. Fees changes to make but will be a really well rounded player in any sport she plays! Give them everything you got and represent the west side well!

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